today is day 5 of managing to choose to meditate in the morning instead of jumping right into work. 


it's helped that i haven't had any early morning workouts scheduled.  i had PT this morning at 7:40AM but managed to squeeze in some puppy time and some cave meditation before heading off to get my knee manhandled.

i worked with a PT intern who is finishing up school in May and we talked shop. i was so close to starting down that path before having to leave SF.  our talks this morning really made me want to consider it again. my own injury recovery has led me down the rabbit hole of anatomy and function and i really miss being in school.


i am good at school.

i am good at school.

yesterday i went through the closet to see what i can get away with wearing in vegas next week.  i don't remember how to dress like a somewhat professional person so i'm going through the process of trying things on and seeing if i look almost normal in these foreign clothes. 

it's alright i guess. i'm mostly worried about my footwear choices as the tradeshow is the destroyer of feet.

i re-read a 2 page journal entry from sf where i ranted about how difficult it was to make a decision to have a bagel or not.  

jesus christ.