vegas is weird.  it's oddly familiar and at the same time completely foreign. i've been a handful of times but never for vacation.  once i lived at the wynn for a week working on a project and it was one part awesome living in a fancy hotel room with the deepest tub i soaked in every night with room service and the rest of the part horrible having to walk through a maze of casinos and tacky shops to get outside.

and then outside is a hot burning desert of cab lines.

i managed to make it through 3 full days there with only one minor breakdown realizing my legs stop functioning after 5 miles on tradeshow walking.

thank god for another deep tub.  after day 1 of hd vegas i found myself missing drinks and soaking for an hour, alternating between ice cold water and heat.


last day fatigue is apparent on my face.

last day fatigue is apparent on my face.

i got home late thursday night. despite a medical emergency on our flight i reached my house at 10PM and promptly cuddled my dog and husband, took a shower and passed out. 

friday was surreal. i know i worked.  i got reports out and then passed out. and then went to a movie.


i don't feel like i caught up on sleep until 4 days later in acupuncture.

this is turning out to be the most boringest post ever.  life is boring 95% of the time.