i've been buying new clothes since a good chunk of my wardrobe is either in the basement or in a donation bag because it no longer fits me.


it's going to be a summer of bralettes, jumpsuits and jean shorts. that is if summer ever comes.

               amethyst is my spirit animal

               amethyst is my spirit animal

jeff has been in the bay area this week.  when he's not here i typically work all day with a break to walk the dog and have dinner.  i don't know if this is necessarily healthy but man am i on top of things at work.

walking the dog is a reminder of how far i've come with my knee injury but it still brings on lower back pain which brings on a limp which cuts our walks pretty short. i get to 1.5 miles and my knee is toast.  i still feel at a loss on what to do outside of make an appointment with an ortho and hope the first word out of their mouth isn't surgery.