wellness culture

"Your body does not know the difference between not being fed because food is not available and not being fed because you're restricting and on a diet.  To your body it's just "you don't have food."   Jes Baker quoting Dana Sturtevant on the most recent episode of Everybody Podcast.

Jes Baker talking about the elitism of wellness culture really hits a chord with me because I was so embroiled in all of it.  the affordability of wellness culture. the performance that being a person who is considered a pillar of wellness culture.  being as visible as possible while you "perform" your wellness and health.  being visible at the gym. letting everyone know about your work out. wearing the yoga pants and workout wear while you shop at whole foods.  letting everyone know about your paleo, your sugar free, your carb free, your gluten free lifestyle.  And oh no, it's not a diet.  It's a lifestyle.  (shhh, it's still a fucking diet, they just don't want you to know because the word "diet" doesn't test well in this market.)

a part of me feels like i still have one foot in diet culture because of my connection to the gym but I'm boiling it all down to what does my body enjoy doing.

i enjoy working out.

it's just such a trap as sometimes the waters get muddied and some movement feels like self care and some movement feels like punishment for food.

good thing I'm seeing Hilary today.

jeff is in the bay area. when he's gone i typically work work work, watch bad television in the background and begrudgingly take the dogs on their walk.

it's only tuesday but i've managed to work but also spend time cooking, reading and enjoying the dog walks because it's dry and sunny and beautiful outside for Portland in December. 

change is possible.  still working on the jet lag thing though.