some little victories

i didn't know if i was going to be asked to be weighed at the ortho appt i had yesterday. 

i was and i asked if i could step on the scale backwards and she was totally ok with it and didn't say a word.

(yay! victory!)

the doctor did not comment on my weight or size at all in regards to my knee issue.


they look pretty normal here.

they look pretty normal here.

doc was a white guy originally from new england and liked calling me kid.  

i am a 41 year old woman.

i didn't really think about this until i got home. it didn't bother me really though a part of me feels like maybe i should. 

with bali and jersey looming in front of me for the next 2 months, surgery had to be scheduled for january when i have real down time to concentrate on rehabbing my knee.  

on january 24th he's going to go in there with an arthroscope, clean up whatever debris is floating around and see if there is a something physically present preventing me from straightening the joint.  If not, he will pull it straight (this idea makes me faint) and i'll be in something like this for awhile:

ugh. i know.

ugh. i know.

I'll be out of commission for most of February.  no lifting. no circuit. nothing. just pt. more and more pt.

i'm trying not to think about it.

in other news, happy halloween.

it's gorgeous out. our sunny but crisp fall has been lasting longer than i remember and it is glorious.

(victory, although i did nothing to make this weather magic happen)

i drank orange juice this morning.  it was awesome.  i've been craving it. juice is something i've been wary of for years because of it's vilified sugar content.  

it's fucking juice and it's fucking delicious.


nanowrimo starts tomorrow. i'll probably be even more radio silent here which is par for the course really.  

see you in december?